Our Little Farm Shed & Online Store

Visit our farm and browse our little farm store for home made Goat Milk Soap, Farm Fresh Eggs, Wayne's Horseshoe Art,  Hides,  Local Honey, further Farm Produce and Miscellaneous Items.


You can't come over in person? No problem. You can now see and acquire most items online! Click on the pictures below to get to the current items in our online store. 


Goat Milk Soap with natural ingredients. Besides the milk from our goats it is made with local honey and natural oils to indulge your skin. To see some current products on the counter, just klick on it.


Wayne's Horseshoe Art handcrafted from reclamed  horseshoes.

Authentic, polished steel. Feel free to contact us for special requests, Wayne can make about everything. To see what's in the store right now, please klick on the picture.  


Handcrafted Hides from Long Horns, Cows and Goats. To  see what's in the trunk right now, just klick on it.

Alpen Gold Honey

Delicious and healthy raw honey from the local Koffel's homestead.

Offered in pints and quarts.



REL Farm Fiber and More,  find more all natural body care products with organic ingredients in our farm shed. Klick on REL's products to get more info.



Farm Fresh Eggs from our happy, free ranged chickens. On-farm-sale only, $3 / dozen.


Karin's Corner Handmade knitting ware. In store only.